NYS Dental is completely digitized including x-rays. This means up to 80% reduction in radiation compared to traditional film x-rays.  The enhanced images digital offers effective doctor diagnose and shows the images to the patient on the overhead screen.

NYS Dental is equipped with a full mouth/jaw x-ray used to scan everything from wisdom tooth problems, signs of bone disease to sinus, and possible jaw joint (TMJ) issues.  A painless intraoral camera is routinely used to show the patient trouble areas in the mouth, which again is projected on the overhead screen for the patient to view.

The dental drills used are the quietist available and because they are electric, piercing high pitched noises often associated with dental work are eliminated.  Vibration is minimized within the mouth while the work is being done, allowing better doctor precision and a stress free environment for the patient.  Lastly, the operatories are connected with your favourite television shows and movies for a relaxed, more enjoyable experience while in the comfort of the chair.



Used for straightening teeth or covering up dark, unsightly stains. Thin sheets of natural looking porcelain are permanently bonded to the teeth, enhancing your smile


Used to correct crooked teeth, also called “invisible braces”. Clear, thin, customized molds fit over teeth to straighten them over time. Can be a substitute for traditional braces. Promotes healthier gums and facilitates better oral hygiene


A non-removable procedure used to strengthen a weakened tooth. Made out of natural looking white porcelain to fit over your existing prepared tooth. A temporary crown is inserted while the permanent one is being fabricated at the lab


Device used to replace one or more missing teeth. The teeth in front and behind the missing space are prepared, similar to a crown. Replaced tooth/teeth look natural and is non-removable. Returns function and aesthetics of the missing tooth/teeth. Like the crown, a temporary bridge is inserted while the permanent one is being fabricated at the lab


Sometimes necessary if the tooth is not viable and no other alternatives exist. After the procedure, options are available to replace the missing tooth/teeth. Take home care instructions are provided after the procedure is performed


Surgical procedure used to replace one or more missing teeth. A biologically safe piece of hardware is inserted into the bone, creating the foundation for a crown. It is non-removable and the replaced tooth looks natural. Returns function and aesthetics of the missing tooth/teeth

Root Canal Therapy

Performed when there is irreversible nerve damage or root infection on a tooth/teeth. Inside of roots are cleaned, disinfected then sealed

White Fillings

Replace areas of decay on tooth that have been removed. Colour is matched to the shade of the tooth. Metal/mercury free white fillings bond to the tooth, creating a seal

Night Guard

Used for people who have grinding /clenching issues or who have jaw joint (TMJ) problems. It is a custom appliance to protect your teeth from damaging habits

Teeth Whitening

Used to whiten stains, discolourations and darkened teeth, giving a brighter smile. Can either purchase a take-home custom kit or choose a one visit, 20 minute office whitening procedure