NYS Dental is completely digitized including x-rays. This means up to 80% reduction in radiation compared to traditional film x-rays. 

NYS Dental is equipped with a full mouth/jaw x-ray used to scan everything from wisdom tooth problems, signs of bone disease to sinus, and possible jaw joint (TMJ) issues. 

The dental drills used are the quietist available and because they are electric, piercing high pitched noises often associated with dental work are eliminated. 



Used for straightening teeth or covering up dark, unsightly stains.


Used to correct crooked teeth, also called “invisible braces”. 


A non-removable procedure used to strengthen a weakened tooth.


Device used to replace one or more missing teeth.


Sometimes necessary if the tooth is not viable and no other alternatives exist.


Surgical procedure used to replace one or more missing teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

Performed when there is irreversible nerve damage or root infection on a tooth/teeth. 

White Fillings

Replace areas of decay on tooth that have been removed.

Night Guard

Used for people who have grinding /clenching issues or who have jaw joint (TMJ) problems.

Teeth Whitening

Used to whiten stains, discolourations and darkened teeth, giving a brighter smile.